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Roof Inspections in the East Portland Metro Area

Stay informed about the health and wellbeing of your residential or commercial roof with regular roof inspections in Gresham, OR. Northstar Restorations is focused on saving you time and money, and there is no better way to avoid serious issues during severe weather than regular inspections of your roof. An unidentified leak poses an immediate danger to the health of your structure, as it could transform your roofing into a fertile source of food for wood-destroying insects.

Take advantage of our regularly scheduled roofing inspections, and avoid getting stuck with an exorbitant bill for a full roof replacement. With more than 23 years of real-world roofing experience, our roof inspector has a keen eye for leaks and other issues. We know what to look for, because we have seen just about everything during those two decades.

After an initial consultation with you and your family, our inspection team will set up a schedule for the coming year. The best times for comprehensive roofing inspections are before and after the traditional season for severe weather. Should you find an issue that requires an insurance claim, it is critical that you have documentation from before the period of storms and hail. Once a leak or other issue has been resolved, you can return your focus to other areas of home maintenance.

Roof That Has Been Inspected in Gresham, OR

Comprehensive Roofing Inspections

Instead of playing a guessing game with the health of your roof, make the call to schedule regular roofing inspections for your home or business. The severe weather season can include heavy snowfall and hail that may lead to small leaks and exposure to the elements. Even a seemingly insignificant impact from pebble-sized hail could cause a chain reaction you may not be able to afford.

Identify minor deficiencies before they become destabilizing problems and save money over the long run. A full roofing replacement can be an expensive investment if your existing roof fails before its time. Our detailed inspection process leaves nothing to chance. We examine every major roofing element and any connection point for problems in need of repair.

A Reliable Roof Inspector

Our roof inspector is focused on keeping your roof in working order for as long as possible. Depending on the materials involved, your roofing should serve you well for at least a decade or more. If a leak is allowed to grow, you could find the lifespan of your roof shortened significantly. If your roofing is beyond repair, our roofing installation team is ready to provide you with a new roof you can count on. Until then, you need a clear understanding of the challenges your existing roof faces.

Contact us today for roof inspections from technicians that pay attention to the little details. We proudly serve clients in Gresham, Portland, Sandy, Fairview, Boring, Welches, Estacada and Troutdale, Oregon, as well as the surrounding areas.

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